Thoughts on Un-Follows/Qwitter

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I had someone stop following me this weekend (no big deal, it happens all the time). As I was going in to in-follow them back — a standard practice unless the person is someone I’ve chosen to follow — I noticed that this person’s most recent tweet was a little snarky regarding all the reciprocal in-follows that ensued. I sent a message to this person asking what they expected when they decided to “leave the conversation.” The rest of the story and my thoughts on un-following are in the attached Uttercast.

What do you think?


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    @ariherzog could be – I guess my main point was, I was surprised that the person who un-followed a bunch of people was surprised that people un-followed him back. My deal is, I don’t care if people follow or un-follow me but if you choose to un-follow me (and you were the one that initiated the relationship), don’t be surprised if I choose to stop following. Clear as mud, right? 😉

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