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    Mukund – thanks for your concern. fortunately, it was just a case of early morning congestion (that’s the way I sound when I first wake up). feeling great and hoping to get back on track with recording my early morning utters!

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    Great points about how the social web helps you to connect in your new communities and sustain relationships in your old ones. I wish that my usage of the networks 3.5 years ago when I left Boston for Seattle was as advanced as it is now. It would have made all the difference in acclimating to the new environment.

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    @warrenss thanks for chiming in. I agree with you – I’m sure your move 3.5 years ago could have been dramatically improved with greater pervasiveness of social networks. I just commented on @bryanperson’s response over on Utterli (Bryan recently made the same move I did from Boston to Austin) and one of the points I brought up was that in addition to helping us assimilate into our new environment, SN’s can also keep us connected to our prior communities as well.

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