2010 Predictions from Social Media Breakfast Austin

Earlier this week, my friend, Bryan Person, invited me to be one of ten speakers to offer a prediction up for 2010. Bryan wisely segmented the group into categories (see below) so that you didn’t get the same prediction several times.

Wesley Faulkner | fundraising
Dara Quackenbush  | education
Sheila Scarborough | travel/small biz
Lisa Goddard | nonprofit
Mike Chapman | public policy/politics
Tim Hayden | media & events
Kathy Mandelstein | B2B Marketing
Aaron Strout | brands
Deirdre Walsh | B2B marketing & community
Jen Wojcik | recruiting

My prediction (branded online communities) comes about three quarters of the way through but I strongly recommend that you listen to all ten as you’ll find some interesting and useful insights.

What are your predictions for 2010?

Photo credit: Callie Richmond Photography


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    Aaron: Thanks again for being part of this event. As someone who's in a similar line of work, I certainly hope your prediction for the "year of the branded community" is on point!

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