Playlist Goodness (non-business post)

While traveling from Austin to San Francisco last night, I decided to create a playlist for my iPhone. I have to admit, it’s pretty random but as I listened to it, I was pretty pleased with the outcome. So much so that I tweeted about it thus eliciting responses from several friends. Their challenge? If it’s that awesome, why not post it.

Well, if I was really fancy, I would find a way to create a dynamic picture that people could click on and buy songs via iTunes or Amazon if they liked. But I’m not. Not one to be thwarted by technology, I found a low tech solution i.e. snapping pictures of my iPhone screen with roughly 8 songs per screen. Below is the resulting playlist.

If you like it, cool. If you don’t… oh well. What songs would you add? Subtract?


  1. Jred Bengtson says

     Good Stuff – you might also like:
    Bon Iver – Blood Bank
    Fleet Foxes – Your Portector
    Dr Dog – Hang On
    Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies)
    Cold War Kids – We used to vacation
    Deer Tick – Smith Hill
    Derby – If ever ther’s a reason
    Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s – Home
    Fruit Bats – Little Acorn
    Ok Go – White Knuckles

    • Anonymous says

      Jred – thanks. Great suggestions. I actually own a few tunes by Bon Iver (but not Blood Bank). Also have Fleet Foxes, Arcade Fire and Cold War Kids. Have heard great things about Deer Tick and Ok Go so this will prompt me to look at some of their music. Given how our musical tastes align, I will check out tunes from all of the above.

  2. says

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