Hubspot Creates Cool Infographic to Show off New Marketing Grader Tool

I’ll preface this post with the fact that I like the people over at B2B marketing company Hubspot… A LOT. They have a smart CEO in Brian Halligan and an equally smart CMO in Mike Volpe. Add to that mix, former 140 CEO, Laura Fitton and a slew of other “roll-up-your-sleeve” types and you get a great business that keeps getting better.

To that end, Hubspot announces a significant upgrade to their well-known “Website Grader” tool five years and four million “graded websites” later. From their press release, the new Marketing Grader will:

  • Make suggestions as to what you can do to improve.
  • [Suggest] how to invest marketing resources, the top of your funnel (getting traffic) or the middle of your funnel (converting leads).
  • [Tell you if your blog is] helping you throughout your marketing efforts.
  • [Let you know whether your company is] engaging enough on Twitter and Facebook.
  • [Recommend] the basic steps to support people viewing your site on mobile devices
  • Compare [your marketing] to the marketing of your top competitors.
Not bad, right? Well if that wasn’t enough, Hubspot takes this announcement a step further and put themselves to the test with a cool (and informative) infographic that grades the top five republican presidential candidates on their marketing efforts. I’ve included the infographic below courtesy of the folks at Hubspot. It will be interesting to see if Romney’s marketing prowess will pay off in the long run (as a side note, I saw him in action as governor of Massachusetts and let’s just say that he was less than impressive).
Congrats to the Hubspot team for adding more value to their customers (and prospective customers).




  1. says

    I think this is a good extension of Hubspot’s strategy to offer lots of value to people and start them on a lead development path to purchase. 

    I find that most tools offer useful data but must be correctly interpreted to be able to be useful. I see this tool the same way. It offers a free metric offering value when used appropriately. 
    Overall, a great tool by a great company! It was very helpful for my social media and internet marketing video blog at

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