Quick’n’Dirty Episode 45: Facebook Privacy Anyone?

As we close in on putting a year of Quick’n’dirty podcasts under our belts, my co-host, Jennifer Leggio and I are always looking for ways to bring added value to our listeners/readers’ lives. We’d like to think that we continued that streak this week with social app, Mobile Roadie, Twitterer of the week, Greg Narain aka @Gregarious and special guest, Alex Plant, of NetApp. Oh yeah, we also managed to squeeze in a few minutes at the end to talk about Facebook privacy. Maybe you’ve heard that there is a little brewhaha about their latest moves?

First up was our social app of the week. I first discovered Mobile Roadie at a recent SMASH Summit in San Francisco during the social media lightning demos. You know when someone can convince you in five minutes that there is some “there” there, that the company is on the right path. In this case, the “there” was a DIY platform for the iPhone and and Android apps (iPad and more coming this summer). While I haven’t had a chance to play with the app-builder yet, they have already helped create mobile presences for several Fortune500 Companies and entertainment moguls like Taylor Swift and Ashton Kutcher. While I’m sure the resulting apps aren’t necessarily going to win any awards for innovation and style, they are a great for speed to market.

Next, we talked about our featured Twitterer of the week, Greg Narain. While I’ve known Greg for a while, I’ve only recently learned more about his social media product expertise (he’s the VP of product for Klout and co-founder at LilGrams.com). Greg is of course funny in addition to being smart but he’s also well connected and in constant search of “what’s next.” If you don’t follow him already, I’d strongly recommend that you do.

Out of order and all (Alex had a little telephony trouble), our featured guest was Alex Plant, head of social media for B2B tech giant, NetApp. During the show, Jennifer and I dug down on how social media was different in a B2B2B environment. We also peppered him a little bit on using social for customer service and even had a little fun with him asking him why (at the time) he had the Twitter n00b badge up for his avatar picture (for those that don’t know what this is, it’s when someone leaves the default image of the Twitter bird up for their Twitter profile pic). Fortunately, Alex was a good sport and fielded our questions fearlessly and elegantly.

Last but not least, Jennifer and I spent a few minutes on the latest hot topic du jour namely, Facebook and privacy. While we didn’t have as much time as we would have liked to do this topic justice, we did cover off on some of the overarching points of what we think Facebook is trying to do and what it really means for businesses and consumers alike.

As always, you can find archives of our show here. You can also read re-caps of the podcasts on Jennifer’s ZDNet blog or my Stroutmeister blog.

Quick’n’Dirty Episode 37: Plancast Anyone?

A pattern is starting to emerge with my podcast partner, Jennifer Leggio, and me… With some of stronger featured a social networks and/or Twitterers of the week, we like them so much that we end up inviting them onto the show as our guest. This week was no different when we showcased the CEO of Plancast, Mark Hendrickson.

We kicked things off by reviewing Entrustnet — a new breed of social/digital sites that take into consideration the fact that we are not immortal and that eventually, we have to consider what happens to our social and digital assets once we die. While I haven’t had a chance to try Entrustnet yet (I don’t believe Jennifer has either), we liked the concept of what these guys bring to the table (interesting back story on how they got started can be found on their site). Jennifer’s one caveat which is worth considering and that is the potential security risk of putting one’s user names and passwords online.

Next up was our aforementioned guest, Mark Hendrickson, CEO of Plancast. You can see our earlier recap of Plancast here or see what Mark’s former boss, Michael Arrington, had to say about this social network that many dub “FourSquare for future events.” Two things I will say about Mark:

  1. He is smart and a true gentlemen. Jennifer and I peppered him with questions and he answered all of them directly and graciously.
  2. I love his transparency regarding Plancast’s product roadmap, something we discussed at length during the show. If you want real proof of what I’m talking about, see Mark’s comment on our friend (and next week’s guest show host), Kyle Flaherty’s, post regarding Plancast.
We followed our segment with Mark Hendrickson with a very quick recap of our featured Twitterer of the week, Stephen L. Rose. Stephen is the worldwide community manager for Windows 7. He’s also a big Chicago Blackhawks fan which may have had a little something to do with his being selected. Stephen was kind enough to join us in the chat room which always makes the show a little more exciting — thanks for doing that Stephen!
Last up was our point / counterpoint of whether or not “first to market” (something that tech blogger, Robert Scoble has said is one of the keys to winning) was in fact important. Jennifer used the example of  location-based services, FourSquare and Gowalla. In this particular case, FourSquare was first by a longshot coming out in 2007 — originally launching as “Dodgeball,” purchased by Google and then spun off as FourSquare. Gowalla, a relative newcomer, has caught up to FourSquare in terms of number of users and seems to be geting an equal amount of press these days. This point / counterpoint ended up being more of a discussion than a debate but hopefully we brought some interesting points to the table.
As a reminder, you can find past Quick’n’Dirty recaps on Jennifer ZDNet blog or here on blog.stroutmeister.com. You can also listen to past episodes on iTunes or over on the show site here.
Finally, remember that starting on April 29, our show is moving to it’s new time (noon PT / 2 PM CT) and new format (30 minutes vs. 45 minutes).  Please also note that we are looking for an intern/producer to help with the show 1 hour or so a week. This role will help with show scheduling, site updates, guest coordination and occasional appearances on the show. If interested, e-mail or DM Jennifer or me.

Quick’n’dirty Podcast 35: Wine + Techmology = Cool

Yes, I know I misspelled the word “technology.” That wasn’t by mistake. If you don’t get the joke, maybe you should be spending more time watching Ali G. reruns

In all seriousness, yesterday was a really fun show. It started with me raving about newly discovered podcast platform/technology iPadio (H/T to friend Bryan Person). My co-host, Jennifer, hadn’t had a chance to spend much time with with the service yet but agreed with my assessment that they showed promise. Here are the four things I really like about their service:

  1. The sound quality — at least on the iPhone — is crystal clear. I assume the recording on other devices is equally good (you listen for yourself with my test podcasts).
  2. You can record offline (assuming you have an app) and upload when you have connectivity. This is good for planes or car rides where cell coverage can vary.
  3. When I decided to give iPadio a test and mentioned so on Twitter, James O’Malley (he mans their Twitter presence) immediately chimed in and offered up his help if I needed it.
  4. Their CEO, Mark Smith, followed up with me after my first test and let me know about a cool project they participated in recently.
Next up, we had one of our most interesting guests to date in Paul Mabray, chief strategy officer of Vintank. Not only is he funny (his Twitter picture says it all) but his company is bringing technology and innovation to one of the oldest industries in the world, namely, wine.
During our 25 minute conversation, Paul covered some of the reasons why it’s tricky to innovate in the wine industry including state regulations, dirth of eCommerce know-how and a general lack of knowledge of the end customer on the part of most of the vineyards/wineries — an issue caused by selling almost exclusively through intermediaries. As if humor and smarts weren’t enough, one of the other things that Jennifer and I really appreciated about Paul/Vintank is that he brings 16 years of wine industry experience to the table. Yup, this guy knows the space inside and out.
Speaking of smart, our featured, “Twitterer of the week” was Lon Cohen aka @Obilon. While I wasn’t as familiar with Lon as Jennifer was, he has an impressive background. His LinkedIn profile points to his background in strategic online marketing, communications, social media, SEO and content management. He also demonstrates a healthy dose of snark in his tweet stream which as anyone that follows our show knows is a huge plus in our book.
Last but not least was our point / counterpoint. This week, we talked about “what comes first, philanthropy or fans.” Jennifer talked about an example of a company that offered to send a pump to Haiti if they reached a certain number followers. Her gripe was, why not just buy the pump and send it and then encourage follower-ship based on the good deed. I argued that while it would be a noble for company X to send the pump up front, the reason they can afford to buy the pump in the first place is that they’ve made a strategic bet that the social buzz they create through this PR stunt can drive meaningful marketing results. Where Jennifer and I both agreed was that being singularly focused on quantity vs. quality of followers.
On the housekeeping front, here are three things Jennifer and I would like to to put on your radar:
  • As of April 29, Jennifer and I are going to move our “live broadcast” time from 6 PM ET / 3 PM PT to 3 PM ET / 12 PM PT. We are also trimming our show from 45 to 30 minutes (same format, just crisper).
  • We are officially looking for an unpaid intern / producer (we will pay in love, kindness and recognition). Time commitment is likely 1-2 hours / week. Ideally person has some podcast editing skills, knowledge of social networks and highly organized. If interested, DM Jennifer or me for details.
  • You can listen to past shows here, or read recaps on Jennifer’s ZDNet blog or my Stroutmeister blog.
Until next week, booyakasha.

Quick-n-dirty Podcast Recap 33: Reunited Edition!

It’s been a few weeks since my podcast partner in crime, Jennifer Leggio, and I have been able to do a Quick-n-Dirty podcast together. For two weeks in a row, travel prevented me from joining her on our weekly show. Fortunately, we had a couple of more than capable substitutes in Brian Solis (author and principal of FutureWorks) and Greg Matthews, director of innovation at Humana. Write ups from the shows with Brian and Greg can be found here and here on Jennifer’s ZDNet blog.

This week, Jennifer and I were back in the saddle again with me broadcasting live from Jackson Hole, WY (yes, I took one for the team). We had an action packed show starting with our featured social network of the week, Hollrr. Neither Jennifer or I had had much of chance to play with Hollrr but saw some decent potential in this site that Mashable likens to “Foursquare for product discovery” (full review here). Both Jennifer and I appreciated Hollrr’s off-the-shelf integration with other social networks like Twitter and Facebook and I personally look forward to getting product recommendations from friends and connections. Oh yeah, they have a pretty cool logo too.

Next up was our featured guest (and former “Twitterer of the week,”) Simon Mainwaring. If you don’t know Simon, you should. Officially, he is a branding consultant, advertising creative director, blogger, author and speaker. A former Nike creative at Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, and worldwide creative director for Motorola at Ogilvy, he now consults for brands and creative companies that are re-inventing their industries. During this week’s show, Simon shared some fascinating updates from a recent trip he took to the Middle East as a guest of the Brookings Institute. The focus was on social media and foreign policy, two disciplines that traditionally don’t share the same space. I won’t pretend to do Simon’s interview justice so just this one time, I’m MANDATING that you listen to at least Simon’s portion of the show (starts about 7 mins in and runs for aproximately 25 minutes).

Speaking of “Twitterers of the week,” this week’s choice was principal of The Community Roundtable (and close friend), Jim Storer. As I mentioned during the show, nobody has done a better job at taking community management skills to Twitter than Jim. Regularly mixing helpful tips, humor, love of bacon and Red Sox commentary into his stream, Jim is a “must add” to anyone’s Twitter follow list irrespective of what industry they are in.

Last but not least, our point/counterpoint focused on one of Jennifer’s recent blog posts, Twitter: Becoming Nothing Special. Jennifer’s post theorizes that the recent announcement of Yahoo’s partnership with Twitter pushes them from “new shiny object” into the merely “ordinary” category. While Jennifer didn’t see this as all bad, she wondered aloud if this might hurt Twitter’s future potential. Taking the opposing side of this issue, I argued that this is exactly what Twitter (and social media) need. Making Twitter and other social networks like “electricity” — something we don’t ever even think about in spite of the critical role it plays in our daily lives — is a good thing. To me, this means that it’s so ingrained in our daily lives, personal and professional, that we can’t live without it.

Looking forward to next week’s show, Jennifer and I will switch places and I will be working with friend and founder of Oneforty, Laura Fitton, as my guest host. Jennifer will be attending the RSA Conference and thus will be out of pocket for this week’s Quick-n-Dirty. I’m sure she’ll want to listen to the show (as will you). Fortunately for her, our shows are archived here and on iTunes (search on “quickndirty”).

Quick-n-dirty Podcast Recap 31: Quick-n-dirty style…

I LOVE doing the weekly Quick-n-Dirty podcast show every week with co-host, Jennifer Leggio. It’s not only professionally rewarding but also a lot of fun. I’m not going to lie though, finding the time to do the “recap” post is always a little challenging. So this week, I’m going to do it quick and dirty style.

  • Social network of the week is the Daily Booth. Think of Flickr meets Twitter where members are encouraged to snap a picture of themselves once a day/365 days a year. Both Jennifer and I agreed that this may not be our cup of tea (lots of GenY-ers) but it is an interesting concept, especially when you watch the live feed.
  • Our special guest this week was Mr. SocialNerdia himself, Esteban Contreras. Not only is he an uber blogger/podcaster but he was newly anointed as social media manager for Samsung Electronics. Since Esteban spends a lot of time for Samsung tweeting, we asked him a lot of Twitter-centric questions. My favorite was, what if Twitter goes away tomorrow? Jen followed up with another great one asking, if you do pick another network, what are you doing to grow relationships with your enthusiasts in those other networks. All in all, Esteban was a great sport and even participated in the very chatty chatroom.
  • Our featured Twitterer of the week is Ron Shevlin, former Forrester VP and current senior analyst at Aite Group. He’s also a damn funny tweeter and a really thoughtful (and contrarian) marketing blogger. If you haven’t checked him yet, change that in a hurry.
  • Finally, Jennifer and I mixed it up a little bit on during our normal point / counterpoint session. Instead of duking it out, we talked about the premier of one of our favorite shows, LOST. If you watch the show but missed the premier, I won’t spoil it for you. If you did watch it and want to hear what we said, check out the archive of the show here.

Wow – so how’s that for fast? Did I miss something? Well, then leave it in the comments. By the way, I won’t be joining you all next week. Our friend and rock star entrepreneur/PR 2.0 king, Brian Solis will be filling in for me. Be sure to check that show out next Thursday at 6 PM ET / 3 PM PT.

Quick-n-dirty Podcast Recap 24: @Skydiver Style

While episode 24 of the Quick-n-Dirty podcast show ended up being a lot of fun, it definitely didn’t start off that way. Without going into too much detail, technical difficulties prevented my partner in crime, Jennifer Leggio, from dialing into the show until about 2 minutes int. Having done hundreds of podcasts and webcasts, I am pretty good at rolling with the punches but this definitely took me out of my “Zen” mode for the first five minutes of the show. To that end, I apologize to social network of the week, Sponty, because I was definitely a little distracted during this portion of the show.

To make up for my distracted state, I’m going to give Sponty a little more ink here than I usually do. I also want to note for Jennifer’s sake (listeners of the show know that she’s a Blackberry gal and any SocialNetwork that doesn’t provide a BB app gets a black mark in her book) that Android and Blackberry users CAN use Sponty via their mobile web interface (native apps coming sometime in the future).

In their own words…

Sponty is a mobile and web app that lets you create and discover social activity feeds around you. Many of our users create topical feeds that tell you about fun things happening around town, like indie music and hipster parties. Others use it to organize casual get togethers with friends. You can see the current activity here: http://www.thesponty.com/whatsup.

While location is important, Sponty’s premise is that the type of the activity, and which of your friends are going is a bigger determining factor for whether to go to something. I mean, if you’re already at the bar, it’s too late for me to join because I’d still need to jump and the shower and then the T (Boston’s public transportation). Sponty let’s people broadcast their social intentions so that their friends can join them.

So I can see why Sponty might be interesting to folks but my biggest concern — like any other geo-based social network — is that without critical mass, the tool becomes irrelevant. Can Sponty overcome this issue? Perhaps. But it might be a whole lot more useful if it could tap into Facebook and Twitter’s social graphs.

[postscript: I had forgotten that Sponty uses Google for it's login. Not only is this smart (and a trend that will continue to grow IMHO), but counters one of my biggest critiques of Sponty and any other geo-based social network i.e. mass adoption/critical mass.]

Now onto our guest of the week who was none other than Peter Shankman, aka @Skydiver on the Twitter. You may have heard of him because I interviewed Peter during my Experts in the Industry series back in the spring. Peter has also built up quite a business for himself through is “Help a Reporter Out” (HARO) network of over 100,000 reporters, bloggers, PR folks and experts. In a nutshell, think of this as a matchmaking network where reporters can request information from experts via e-mail alerts that go out three times daily from Peter himself. Peter makes money off his service (while filling a huge need) by selling sponsorships of his daily e-mail alerts.

During our 25 minute conversation, we all got a good laugh (Peter is a funny dude) at some of Peter’s insights and remarks when it came to “social media gurus.” In fact, his quote of the show, “If you have the word guru or expert in your Twitter name or bio, you’re not” got retweeted over a dozen times. Personally, I loved Peter’s prediction for next year that social becomes ubiquitous vs. companies trying to “do social.” He’s also endeared himself to me because he is a fellow hater of voice mail (a future post from me on that topic is in the works).

Next up was our Twitterer of the week, Dave Fleet. Dave is the account director for social media at Thornley Fallis Communications and does a little blogging in his spare time. I let Jennifer take the lead on this one as Dave was her choice. Jennifer likes Dave because of his cynical yet smart writing style. Personally, I’ve followed Dave for a couple of years and enjoy him for exactly the same reasons. Maybe we’ll have Dave on the show live sometime in the not too distant future.

For the signature portion of our show, our point/counterpoint, Jennifer and I focused on the topic of religion and social and more specificially, whether the two should mix. Jennifer wrote an eloquent post on this just a few days before and truth be told, I tend to feel pretty similarly to Ms. Leggio on this one. While I did disagree with Jennifer’s assertion that including one’s religion in their Facebook or Twitter profile wasn’t inappropriate, I did concur with her distate for those that prostheletize via the social web. It will be interesting to see how this plays out as our personal and professional lives continue to become intertwined over the years.

If you missed last week’s show, you can find the wrap up here on Jennifer’s ZDNet blog. You can also find archives on iTunes as well as at our Quick-n-Dirty podcast site over on BlogTalkRadio. We hope you’ll join us next Thursdsay as we talk to Karen Auby of Plantronics.

Hootsuite: Morphing from Twitter Client to *Badass Social Media Dashboard*

While I don’t personally use social media dashboard/tool, HootSuite, I have a number of friends and colleagues who do. At some point, I plan to give it a try. To that end, I do take a personal and professional interest in knowing as much about the spectrum of social tools and networks as possible, particularly since I’m on the hook for staying on top of these things for work and for the weekly podcast I do with Jennifer Leggio of ZDNet (note: live interview on the Quick-n-Dirty podcast show coming with Hootsuite founder, Ryan Holmes, on January 14).

When I found about some of the latest features that Hootsuite was announcing this morning (9 AM PT), I couldn’t resist at least spending a couple of minutes letting the folks that read this blog know about it. For a more thorough review, you can check out Hootsuite’s blog or Mashable, but for the “quick-n-dirty version, see below…

What’s new:

  • Integration with Facebook, LinkedIn & Ping.fm
    • Users may now update Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles from one location
    • According to HootSuite they are the only Twitter client which allows you to schedule updates for these individual social networks
    • Users may manage social profiles for multiple accounts
    • Users can now read your friends’ Facebook and LinkedIn updates and view in-line Facebook comments within HootSuite
  • Direct integration with LinkedIn (this is a big one in my mind)
    • As a result of LinkedIn opening their developer API over the weekend (more on this from Jeremiah Owyang here), HootSuite jumped in (and to my knowledge) is the first to have integrated direct LinkedIn status updates
  • HootSuite is one of the first clients (I believe that Seesmic is the other) that allows users to manage lists. Users may now:
    • Create lists by dragging and dropping users into columns
    • Import lists you’ve already created & save them as a column in HootSuite

Clearly, Hootsuite is working hard to stay in front of the everchanging landscape of social tools and functionality. For that, they are to be applauded. How long can they keep up with this frantic pace? Who knows, but I like the way CEO, Ryan Holmes thinks. When asked for a quote on Hootsuite’s latest release, he replied…

This update sees HootSuite morphing from Twitter client to badass social media dashboard. We’re constantly listening to our users to hear what they want. Beyond that, we’re thinking about what they might want that they haven’t even imagined yet. We think about these things and then try to make them a reality.

Anyone that knows me at all will recognize that Ryan’s words are music to my ears. Congratulations to the folks at Hootsuite. I look forward to hearing more!

Quick-n-dirty Podcast Recap 22: It’s Been a While

It’s only been four weeks but it seemed like forever since my co-host, Jennifer Leggio, and I teamed up for our weekly Quick-n-Dirty podcast show. After two guest hosts (Cathy Brooks and Greg Matthews) and a week off, Jennifer and I were ready to get back into the saddle and I think for the most part, we succeeded.

Having guest, Jeremy Pepper, on the show didn’t hurt. Jeremy is not only smart and insightful (sometimes inciteful) but not afraid to “call ‘em like he sees ‘em.” Both Jennifer and I appreciate this in a person, especially when they came from a background of “Big PR.” During the show, we had a chance to ask Jeremy what the “new” PR looks like which lead us down a path of the “do’s” and “don’t’s” of relationship building. We also did a lot of laughing (apologies to the audience for that).

Beyond that, we covered off on social video hosting site, blip.tv (no relation to blip.fm). Jennifer hadn’t used it before so she didn’t have much to say (even if she did – her verbose co-host probably woulnd’t have let her) but I liked it. Bottom line, when you have a video that’s over 10 minutes long, this is a great alternative to Youtube.

We gave props to writer, podcaster and entrepreneur, Jeff Cutler. If you don’t know him, check out some of his work here, here and here. I have to say, many of our “featured Twitterers of the week” are usually happy to be featured but Jeff’s Twitter response once he found out he was the guy was hilarious…

@AaronStrout: How? Why? #notworthy #blushing #thanktheacademy #ifnotforthehardworkofothersIwouldn’tbehere

Jeff, we’re glad to have made your day!

We wrapped up with our signature point / counterpoint focusing on the increasingly important topic of “is everyone on your social network a friend?” In this case, Jennifer summed it up by saying, “you’re just nicer than I am Aaron.” Her point was, I am friendly with (and follow back) a lot more people than she does. This was true but I also pointed out that at least the people that she did “connect” with knew that they were really in Jennifer’s “friend” bucket. Bottom line for me, I’ve seen that the serendipity of connecting with tons of people has outweighed the cost of managing those same relationships. But of course I totally respect Jennifer’s position. See, we just agreed again. Damnit!

If you missed the show, you can check it out here. You can also read re-caps of the show on Jennifer’s blog and here on Stroutmeister.com. Be sure to tune in next week!

Quick-n-dirty Podcast Recap 20: With Guest Host, Cathy Brooks

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to try out a guest host on the Quick-n-Dirty podcast show. My usual partner-in-crime, Jennifer Leggio, was originally supposed to be on a plane during our normal Thursday time slot although her plans changed and she ultimately ended up sticking around. This led to some funny podcast-a-trois when we invited Jen to call into the show during the last 10 minutes.

In Jen’s place, Iwas lucky to have the talented and socially adept, Cathy Brooks, as my guest host and fortunately, she did not disappoint. Cathy and I had met a few times before in real life (SXSW and Jeff Pulver’s 140 Character Conference in NYC) so I had a pretty good sense of her style. To that end, Cathy’s wit and charm helped as we stuck to the shows regular format — and in this case, brought on TWO guests versus our normal one.

We kicked off the show with our usual “featured social network.” In this case, it was social travel site, Tripit, a site that I am a big fan of. As a side note, the folks from Tripit were doing a good job “listening” and reached out to me after the fact to ask if I might be interested in interviewing their co-founders. Suffice to say, you’ll be hearing more from the folks at Tripit in the not-to-distant-future.

Our special guestS (yes, two of them) were none other than Gradon Tripp and Meg Fowler, founders of Social Media for Social Change, a great organization that applies the best of the world of social to the non-profit world. Gradon and Meg not only talked about how their organization had raised a decent amount of cash for good causes but how they were also helping other non-profit organizations harness the power of social. If you haven’t checked out one of their events, keep an eye out for their next event in Miami Florida called @sm4scmiami.

The featured “Twitterer” of the week was Allstate’s Ben Foster. As I was talking about the reasons I liked Ben’s Twitter style — great mix of human and business — he chimed in on Twitter with this hilarious quote:

@aaronstrout Sweet! But now I feel pressure to have smart tweets and not things like Wolf Blitzer T-Shirts and Zombie Wedding Cakes :-)

And finally, we wrapped up with our traditional point / counterpoint… this time with a focus on social advertising. Of course Cathy and I couldn’t resist bringing Jennifer in for this portion of the show so we had a fast and furious three way dialogue about whether companies should or shouldn’t be advertising on places like Facebook. If you want to find out who chose which side, I guess you’ll just have to listen into the last 10 minutes of the show.

Check out other recaps of the Quick-n-Dirty podcast show either here on Stroutmeister.com or on Jen’s ZDNet blog. We hope you’ll listen in live next week!

Want to Win a Pass to Inbound Marketing Summit Boston?

Our friend, Justin Levy, of New Marketing Labs was kind enough to give my Quick-n-Dirty podcast partner, Jennifer Leggio and me a few passes to the upcoming Inbound Marketing Summit: Boston to give away on our show. We’ve already given away passes the last two weeks during the show and we’re going to give away another pass this Thursday to one lucky caller. However, we have one other pass that we’re going to give away in a little bit of a different way…

Anyone that knew me in my early days of Twitter may remember my weekly “Tweet-ku” contests — essentially a prize for the best haiku poem completed in a 140 characters. I would give away $20 iTunes gift cards. This time around, you don’t need to do haiku (although your welcome to if you like) but Jennifer and I are looking for the most clever tweet ABOUT the @QuicknDirty podcast show. Yes, that’s pretty vague but that’s not by accident.

How do you enter you ask?


  • You must be following the @QuicknDirty podcast Twitter account
  • You can enter multiple times with multiple tweets
  • The tweets MUST contain a reference to the “@QuicknDirty” Twitter handle
  • Contest starts as of noon, PT today (September 28) and ends at midnight, PT on Wednesday, September 30.
  • The winner will be announced on the show (Thursday, October 1 at 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET)
I’m sure I’ve forgotten something so feel free to tweet me @aaronstrout or leave a comment down below.